Thursday, August 9, 2012

'A Peak at the Process'

Fairly regularly I get asked how I go about tying 'a crap load' of flies.  Th simple answer is that I break it down in to smaller more manageable parts.   This particular order was for six dozen Johnny Darters, and here are a few shots of the process.

First thing is to collect all the materials for the pattern in question.  I then place the materials I will need for the first hook in front of me and prep them.  For this particulare pattern I plucked the Grizzly Marabou, separated out single strands of tan yarn, and founs the end of a ball of Polar Chenille.

Working through the back hook I will grab more materials as needed, but generally that is only needed if I lose or break one of the prep materials.  I then prep the materials for the front hook and lay them out.  For this pattern that was a Australian possum hide, three and a quarter inch rubber legs, and red bead chain eyes.

Then I finish up the flies and smile at the pile in front of me!

-mike schmidt

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