Friday, July 20, 2012

Sage CIRCA Rods

Here's what the 'glass man himself had to say about it, Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto:

Sage's latest offering is the CIRCA collection of slow action graphite fly rods.  Slow action? read that right.  This collection of six fly rods will be offered in two weight to five weight and premium priced from $745 to $775.   This is an interesting turn for a fly rod company and I find this video and press release interesting for a couple reasons.

Admittedly I am disappointed that Sage didn't do the CIRCA series in glass.  Sage has a past history of excellent fiberglass fly rods and it would have been neat to see what their take on contemporary glass would be.  I spoke with Sage Chief Fly Rod Designer Jerry Siem a couple years ago and he more or less said that fiberglass would never be offered by their company again.  Maybe the CIRCA series fly rods further proves that point by specifically designing a graphite fly rod to capture the feel and flex of glass and bamboo.

I also find it interesting that Sage is coming around to the idea that maybe not everyone needs a fast action fly rod for every angling situation.  I'm sure that this is part marketing (fly rod companies are in the business of selling fly rods after all) but without a doubt Jerry Siem knows how a slow action fly rod should feel and this video does a nice job of showing that.

You can read the press release for more information and it's likely that I'll spend some time on the casting pond with one of the CIRCA series fly rods while at IFTD next month in Reno.


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