Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Low and Clear Officially Kickstarted!

We asked for your help, you responded. Congrats to the crew making Low and Clear!

Via Moldy Chum:

There are still 24 days remaining in Finback Film's Low and Clear Kickstarter campaignand they have already exceeded their goal! At the moment Kickstarter is the only place the film is available so if you want in on this fine film, hit the link below this recent project update.
Dear Backers,
What can we say, we made our goal in less than 6 days and are absolutely ecstatic!
This has been a long road, we've made big sacrifices to produce this film, and your support just proved that this crazy journey is going to work out.  
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Seriously, the flood of folks that have joined this Kickstarter campaign and pitched in is above and beyond our wildest dreams.  We can't wait to share the film with you.
So here's the deal--we have 24 days still left and the DVD Pre-sale will keep on rolling!  For now Kickstarter will be the only place Low & Clear is available.  Please help spread the word, as every penny that we make above and beyond our initial goal has a use right now!  
All the best, and thanks again, seriously.
Best Regards,
Tyler, Kahlil, Alex


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