Monday, July 30, 2012

Fly Products: Campbell Cameras GoPro Accessories

So Campbell Camera sells some pretty legit camera equipment. I was looking the other night for some way to camo my GoPro and have it setup for the upcoming hunting season and stumbled upon these gems...The GoPro Camera Skin, Magnet Mount, Polarization Filter, Micover Stickover, and Gun Mount:

They have the skins in Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Infinity, and Matthews Lost camo patterns. The skins come in at $17.99, the Magnet Mount is a bit overpriced at $39.00, the Gun Mount is $29.99, the Polarization Filter is $9.99, and the Stickover is 19.95 and helps reduce unwanted noise by 10dB+ and is ideal for use with the skeleton backdoor when your trying to get higher quality sound with the built in GoPro mic. 

You can also check out their "Fishing Combo" which basically has everything that comes in the Motosports kit plus a really really nice telescoping pole to add to those underwater shots, the whole combo is $469.97. Now, I don't really think this is worth it when you can go get the Motosports kit for $300 then go to Home Depot and buy a telescoping pole for $8-$10 and make your own, like I did (tutorial coming soon).


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