Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fly Product: Ascend FS12T Kayak

Via Bass Pro:

I want...gear envy BIG TIME!

  • Ultra-stable hull makes it ideal for fishing
  • Advanced hydrodynamically shaped hull design
  • Deluxe padded adjustable seat
  • Personal dry storage hatch
  • Bow dry storage hatch
  • Multipurpose sternwell
  • Molded foot braces
  • Open cockpit storage
  • Dual position, quick hold bungee paddlekeepers
  • Dual flush mount rod holders
  • Full-tackle rod tender
  • Drain plug and multiple drain holes
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs.
The ultra-stable hull of the FS12T handles almost effortlessly, making it ideal for fishing. To make it perform even better on the water, we packed it full of comfort and performance features.  The FS12T starts with an advanced hull design that utilizes an extended keep with performance rocker and strakes to deliver the maneuverability, tracking, stability, and easy paddling fishermen want to get to their favorite spots quickly. A large open cockpit area includes the ergonomic Adjustable Cushioned Seating System for comfort, five-position foot rests, deep position cup holder, large catch-all tray big enough for a standard-sized tackle box, and other work areas. The FS12T's dual flush mount rod holders make transporting rod and reel combos easy, while the fully adjustable, light tackle rod tender holds your rod with 360º of horizontal adjustment and vertical rod tip adjustment. The large 18'' x 10'' dry storage hatch in the bow provides storage for dry bags and other gear. Dual quick hold bungee paddlekeepers let you set your paddle down for a quick rest or a quick cast. Built-in multipurpose sternwell gives you a convenient storage space large enough for a five gallon bucket, dry bag, or other gear with a built-in bungee to secure your gear. There are multiple drain holes in the sternwell and footwell areas. At the end of the day, the threaded and sealed drain plug allows you to quickly drain excess water, while the four molded-over rubber grip handles make carrying the kayak easier. Made from the highest quality virgin high density linear polyethylene. Length: 12'. Width: 31". Weight: 68 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs. Made in USA.

Advanced Hull Design:Incorporates an extended keel with performance rocker and strakes for maximum maneuvering, tracking, stability, and ease of paddling.

Adjustable Cushioned Seating System:Ergonomic seat design with closed-cell custom foam package reduces wear and fatigue.

Molded Foot Braces:Five-position foot braces will fit anyone approximately 5'2" to 6'6" in height comfortably.

Drybag Dash Storage System:Watertight removable deck plate with integrated watertight PVC soft storage bag.

Multipurpose Sternwell:Extra-large-capacity sternwell will accept a five gallon bucket, baitwell, milk crate, cooler, or doubles as general space for a dry bag.

Rod Tender:A light tackle, fully adjustable rod holder with 360º horizontal movement and vertical rod tip adjustment.


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