Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Deal...seatMASTER Outdoor Seat

Via Fish Itch:

Finally, no jigs, Fish Itch has a half decent item!

Normally $34.95, now only $17.49

Ya know, I noticed somethin' the other day--ol' Itch ain't as young as he used to be! I got aches in place I didn't know could ache, and as much as I love gittin' outside, it can wear a feller out. Whether it's hikin' down the holler or a wadin' streams all day, when I need to take a break, there ain't nowhere to sit! That was 'til I got me one of these seatMASTERs! It's like my own portable rest stop. I love mine - gives me a place to sit anywhere, and it ain't no bigger than a bottle of water. Turns into a shooting stick fer huntin' season, too! Wanted to give you guys a shot to score one, too, an' these make great gifts!


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