Monday, July 23, 2012

Congrats Matt!

A good friend of TLTFF, Matt Baden of The Hobie Life just found out this awesome news...

I won the Kayak Bass Fishing Mid-Atlantic June Challenge with a total length of two fish of 40.50 inches. Turtle, another Maryland Kayak Fisherman came in a close second with 39 inches. I currently have 100pts in the Regional standings. First place in the overall standings after Septemeber would get me entered into the KBF Invitational, the KBF Open, and all 2013 KBF online challenges!!! 

I'm gonna work hard these next couple months to consistently produce quality fish so I can earn the chance to participate in these other tournaments and represent for CBKA,MKF, Hobie, Bust Em Baits, and my new partner Astral Bouyancy. Hopefully I am able to make it as it will be a great opportunity to fish against some of the best Kayak Bass Fishermen in the country!!

For the June Challenge I won a YUM bait prize package, which I super excited to get in the mail!!! Thanks to KBF and YUM!!!

This month is gonna be another close fought challenge and Turtle already has the early lead with the help from a monster over 22" he caught this past weekend. I haven't been able to hit the water yet in July but I will be fishing Thursday through Saturday this week to get some fish on the board and a possible shot a snakehead, to put icing on the cake. Marathon fishing!!!


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