Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip Days #8 & #9

So of course the first time I ever go fly fishing in OBX I get skunked. Fortunately I brought my surf rod and found a steal of a deal on a new one. With the help of those and some squid and sand crabs, I was able to feel a tight line. But of course, broke off whatever beast was on the end of my line... So yes, I pitched a no-hitter, not one fish in hand. PRetty discouraging and making me semi-contemplate hanging up my fly fishing hat.


I love this stuff way too much. But seriously, next time, I've got karma built up to waazoo! Zach and I should be heading up to the Gunpowder next weekend, were going to formulate a plan on the golf course this Thursday. Luis and I have talked briefly about hitting up Liberty Reservoir for some carp, I have to get #17 off my list.

Videos and pictures of the trip should be going live soon, depends on when I get back into my normal routine here at home. Stay posted, we have some good stuff coming up including another contest.


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