Thursday, May 10, 2012

Word of the Day: Jealousy

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My #17, I want a Ghost on the fly so bad...

I came over to central WA to make my presentations at the Washington FFF fair.  My last post was about fishing for a while on Saturday afternoon after the presentation.  Staying at the Carp Lodge makes fishing for Carp easier.  We have the Internet here, we have a small printer, I bring a Netbook, and my cell phone works here.  That basically counts as a "home office" at the Carp Lodge.  Never mind that the "office" is on the table; hey, it works.  In fact I wrote up a Purchase & Sale Agreement from the Carp Lodge on Friday evening. 

Because I have a "home office" here I can work in the mornings and the evenings and fish during the day.  That doesn't always work but it works some of the time.  I do have to meet with clients some days.  It's Tuesday and I'm still here at the Carp Lodge.  I worked Sunday morning, fished some of the day, and then worked in the evening.  I fished some on Monday and again today (Tuesday).  My 61 year old legs are darn tired so I don't know if I can fish again tomorrow. 

I was going to try and make a blog post each evening but just had too much work to do so I didn't do it.  Maybe I will get caught up.  Maybe I won't. 

I went to some new water today that I had scouted at the end of the day on a late season trip last year.  The water actually looked very promising.  It looked like a nice wide open flat that would be easy to wade.  Well it was a nice wide open flat that was easy to wade.  It sure looked Carpy.  I never saw a single fish.  That would mean I didn't catch any either.  No spawners, no cruisers, no sunbathers, no nothing.  How does that happen?  I'm such a nice guy. 

I left the new (damn) water after lunch and headed back near the Carp Lodge to familiar water that is well known to many.  I have caught some very nice Carp here.  Hmmm...  Not today.  Just like the new water there were no spawners, no cruisers, no sunbathers, no nothing.  How does that happen?  That's the kind of thing that makes me wonder if I really like Carp fishing as much as I think I do.  I'm such a nice guy.  How does that happen? 

My Carpwagon took me way down the river for a last shot at a  couple hours of fishing.  Okay then, I saw some fish.  Within just a few minutes I got this 6 pounder.  It was such a relief. 

A little while late I got this 10 pounder. 

For years,  I have wanted to hit the "Carp Fibonacci".  I wanted to it without the first two fish weighing the same amount.  Today I did it; the third fish weighed 16 pounds.  And here she is.  Ain't she pretty?  And fat too!

Okay, okay, I know what a Fibonacci sequence is and I know I didn't start at one.  But come on, I've never seen a 1 pound Carp so how the heck could I possibly catch two in a row. 

Its not math, or shells, or vegetables; come on, its fishing.  Thank you for allowing me literary license in designating these three fish my Fibonacci Carp sequence.  If I had got the fourth fish in the sequence I think I would have just sat down in the shallows and splashed around like a two year old in a bathtub.  And I would have pretty damn pleased with myself too.  (I would probably still be splashing.) 

The next fish was 8 1/2 pounds, a very typical Columbia River fish.  That's not exactly a 26 but its a whole heck of a lot better than the "nothing fish" I was getting all morning and afternoon. 

Catching a couple more helped me to feel profoundly grateful for all of my many blessings. 

The last fish of the day. 

Shadows were getting long and it was time to head back to the Carp Lodge for two beers and four enchiladas.  (And a few cookies)

PS  Since John Montana caught the very famous highway cone I have been searching for the little  pond he caught it in.  Well yesterday I caught highway cone!  I'm feeling pretty dang good about that.  The picture and the report will be posted in the days to come.


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