Monday, May 21, 2012

Fishing Report: Sunburn, A Split Head, and Striped Bass

So I had my first day off in over a month and half on Friday so what did I do...? Hell yea I fished! Luis was awesome enough to have us out on the water on his gnarly boat. I don't know if I've told you guys about his boat before but is a 23' Wellcraft (Parker mold) that has been totally customized and outfitted for fishing/fly fishing. Sick.

I woke up at 4:30am to have a quick snack and load up the car. I ran over to Angler's and picked up a bucket off chum, two bags of Alewife and two bags of ice. I headed over to Luis' to find the man, the myth, the legend getting the boat ready. We launched at around 5:30am and headed out the Severn over to Thomas Point. We setup four umbrella rigs and had lines in the water before 6:00am. We trolled for about 4 hours and proceeded to not only watch every boat around us catch trophy bass, but then realize our lines were all completely tangled...we need planar boards. Anyway. We then headed up to Hacketts point and began the chumming session with bait out on 6 rods. Nada. We decided after about 2 hours to pull the lines since the tide was running in full effect and give the Bay Bridge pilings a chance. Boom. After a few casts at the center pilings to no avail, we headed to the Eastern side and began to cast at pilings near other boats. We had over a dozen bites with 4 fish brought to hand. Unfortunately, no fish were limit size (which is now 18") and most were only a few inches short. Overall, it was a blast.

At some point during trolling, I crushed my head on a hatch on the boat (even left behind some skin and hair, sorry Luis) and split it pretty good. I also had the wonderful reminder that I am half irish via the sun...burns so good. Anyway, nothing can beat a great day on the water with an awesome friend. Good stories were told and fish were held. Cant complain at all.

Check the slideshow below for pictures of the day...


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