Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily Deal...Optimum Top of the Line & Double Diamond

Via Fish Itch:

Normally $12.98, now only $6.49

Few years back, my buddies over in California started throwin’ these monster swimbaits. Guess what happened? They started catchin’ monster bass. One company rocketed to the top of the food chain: Optimum Baits. This week, I’m offerin’ up a couple of their best big-fish baits: the new Optimum Top of the Line and Optimum Double Diamond. On this here Top of the Line, the clever line-through riggin’ means hooked fish can’t use the bait to shake off the hook – and with the hook on top, it don’t snag up, either. Meanwhile, this 3” Double Diamond Swimmer (three-pack) is the perfect trailer fer a swim jig or just rig it on a jighead and hold onto yer rod, buddy! Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis, a three-time BASSMASTER Classic Qualifier, is famous for throwin' swimbaits, and these are his go-to baits. 'Nuff said?


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