Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog of Note: True North Trout

Not only does this blog have a super legit heading photo, but this blog is the definition of legit! Unlike most of the other blogs we've featured, True North Trout has some different pages that nobody else really offers. I started to read TNT about 2 weeks ago when I saw it on someone else's blogroll. Man, what a find. I've been to TNT every day since, sometimes twice. Definitely bumped an old site out and made its way into the dirty dozen lineup of the bookmarks bar on the computer. The content is similar to what we offer here at TLTFF but with a different perspective and some different substance. Articles include a wide range of content from tying flies with April Vokey to reviewing products, books, etc. Videos that have been put up have been featured as Daily Reels here on the blog and definitely bring smiles to my face. Here's a little bit about TNT that you probably want to know...

True North Trout strives to be a one-stop resource for information and insight on fly angling for trout, char and related salmonids along the storied waters of Northern Michigan and the Upper Great Lakes bioregion. Content comes from a variety of sources, but includes contributions from field editors and writers who represent, and are active in, the fly fishing life.
True North Trout also provides links and referrals to other quality sources of information via a links resource, and provides a bulletin board service where anglers can share and discuss their experiences on and off the water.
If you are interested in contributing to True North Trout, feel free to contact the editors at admin (at) truenorthtrout (dot) com. Contributions can take the form of articles, interviews, how-to and instructional content, profiles of rivers, people, fly patterns, etc., or contributions of creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, or art.
Contributions remain the property of the contributor, and True North Trout does not require exclusive right to publish in order that those contributions be considered.
Another cool thing about TNT is that it isn't written by just one bro. Its written by multiple people...

True North Trout is edited by Brian Kozminski (a/k/a “Koz”). Koz is an obsessive angler, fly tier, and defender of quality water and public access. He has been deeply involved in Trout Unlimited, including leadership roles with the Miller VanWinkle Chapter. He is a GreenFish ambassador and promotes the use of correct technique in catch-and-release fly fishing. He lives with his family in Hemingway country in northern Michigan where he can often be found on the water or at the tying bench. In his paid life he works in the service industry.
Jordan J. Lindberg
Jordan J. Lindberg is the founder and digital publisher of True North Trout. An avid fly angler and fly tier, Jordan was born and grew up in Traverse City, graduating from the Traverse City Senior High in 1987. After  stints at Albion College, Michigan State University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia, he took at teaching and research position for almost ten years in the philosophy department at Central Michigan University. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy. He lives with his family in East Bay Township. Currently he serves as Executive Vice President of eFulfillment Service, Inc., ownsStardust Memorials, LLC, and is the publisher  and editor of True North Trout.
Bryon Anderson
Bryon Anderson
Bryon Anderson moved to Michigan from Missouri in 1997 and quickly discovered that he belonged here. He is a passionate (some say obsessive) fly fisherman, fly tier, and fly rod builder. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, he has worked as a high school teacher and long-haul truck driver, and now works for the State of Michigan as a Disability Examiner. He is the proud father of twins and resides in Holland, MI. He is a contributing editor of True North Trout.
Ted Kraimer
Ted Kraimer
Ted Kraimer is a fly fishing guide living in Traverse City. He takes his customers to many of our great local waters in pursuit of the diverse fishery. With close to 20-years of fly fishing experience, his avocation eventually became his vocation, and he operates Current Works Guide Service, LLC.  Working in a fly shop while in college gave him the opportunity to teach the sport, and has been an FFF Certified Casting instructor the past ten years. While not on the water with customers you can find Ted fishing himself, continuing to look for that edge, or at his vise tying flies. Ted is a fly designer for Rainy’s Flies. Through his work with T|N|T and on his own site, Ted contributes a fishing report on many of the local rivers in the area. Ted is a field editor and contributor for True North Trout.
Publishing assistance by John Di Giacomo, Esq. Photography and web support by Matt Burden. Additional publishing assistance by the regulars at the pub, tying bench, and gameroom at Stillpointe Lodge.
Feel free to send gear, beer, premium cigars, experimental flies, or other wonderful things, along with manuscripts or other printed matter to:
True North Trout
3282 Holiday View Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686
Make sure you check out TNT on Facebook and continue to follow the blog, especially if you ever plan on fishing the UP, Great Lakes, or around Michigan. Any fly fisherman can learn from this blog for sure!


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