Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog of Note: Finpusher

For those of you who don't know about a book. The blog is super legit, written by Colin Carlson, a bearded maniac (see today's Daily Reel). These guys throw together "low-grade slutty verbiage and photography" (again, see today's Daily Reel). Here's a little snippet of his introduction from his about section on the blog...

When I was a kid we camped a lot, always by a lake we could paddle across because my old man liked to get away from campgrounds. My father was all about kayak camping and started my brother and me paddling young. He wasn’t interested in missing any days on the water due to our age. The first time I paddled the Green, the memory of that emerald green water tattooed my brain. I was excited and nervous sitting there beached in my kayak looking up at Flaming Gorge Dam. My dad paddled up behind me, pulled me off the shore and said “stay behind me and watch what I am doing, paddle when I do”. It worked out that I didn’t drown, and for the next few years we lived on that piece of water. I am certain those years helped shape me and I am grateful the old man believed in me.

Perfect. But here's the best part, the part that gets him on my bookmarks bar with the selected dozen...

I love what I do and I feel very fortunate to be able to provide a service for great companies representing our sport. My photography and writing are simply a byproduct of my love for angling and all the beauty surrounding it. Finpusher is the secretion of my time on water and is intended for like-minded souls pursuing stoke on this blue planet.

Love it. The man has the same attitude we have here at TLTFF and he's definitely a bro. The blog is great, covering everything from reviews to reports. The biggest aspect of the blog is that Colin also sells flies. These aren't just any flies, these a works of art, you can tell he puts time and concentration into each fly and doesn't just crank them out to make a buck. Colin has stickers and flies for sale in his shop. Check out today's Daily Reel for a little touch of Colin, awesome guy.


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