Saturday, April 21, 2012

The War on Snakeheads

Via Moldy Chum: Possibly their best post yet, really hits home for us here at TLTFF
The State of Maryland has officially declared war on the snakehead.



  1. Snakehead aren't that bad, now come on...

    Yes, Snakehead are invasive, but guess what so are Rainbow Trout here in MD because they have destroyed some of our Native Brook Trout streams. Brown Trout are the same, as well as for Smallies.

    But they all provide recreational opportunities for us...just like the Snakehead will. I mean where would we be without invasive species, we'd have herring, shad, some other species, and that's it!
    People have already been targeting specifically and we already consider them a game fish. So instead of being all eww eww let's kill em! and get them out of our watershed type of attitude. Let's appreciate them, they're just more recreational opportunity, we'll will never put them at ease, soon there will be as many Snakeheads as there are Catfish.

    Oh yeah, you hear all of this crap in the media like"they can walk on land, they can breathe air, they have big teeth, they'll eat anything." The media will portray them however they want to because well, it's the media. And guess what, Blue Catfish are just as aggressive and mean. Pretty soon, we will have citations for Snakeheads, and the kill snakehead tournaments will be no more.

    Yes, the DNR wants you to "control" the population, but reality is that we will never be able to, except if we poison the watershed, which has happened quite a bit out West just to remove fish. It doesn't matter if you let the fish go or not, it's not like the DNR is declaring war on them or anything ;). Snakeheads taste pretty good, I've heard, so whether you release or throw it in the woods, or throw it for the ospreys, or eat it, you'll have to get use to them.

    1. Devin, thanks for your input! Its much appreciated! Your absolutely right in all aspects. The primary reason the MD DNR is taking a stand against Snakeheads is the proof in numbers for how they have decreased populations of native fish in such a short time period. I totally understand that other species are throwing some of our natives out of the loop but you also have to consider this has been going on for a long time and numbers haven't shown that intervention is immediately necessary. Now, it kills me that MD stocks streams so aggressively, especially since stocked fish push out the natives. Snakeheads make for an amazing fight, especially on the fly. In fact, one MD guide has made a business out of it now. I hope citations come around, it will encourage more recreational fishing in MD since its already a celebrity status fish. I do believe, based on the "invasive" level, controls need to be placed on snakehead populations, of course, in a conservative and economically friendly manner as to not effect other species. Next up on the list that has no love from me that absolutely needs to be controlled, asian carp and zebra muscles. These truly do contribute to the newest decline in the status of our MD watersheds. Thanks again for your input!