Sunday, April 22, 2012

Voices Unite in DC to Oppose Pebble Mine

Love that us on the East Coast can actually play a live part in this rather than speak through internet sources...who else is going?

Via Moldy Chum:

Our buddy Kate Taylor penned this current piece on the Pebble fight.  The ladies are gearing up to take the message to D.C.
“I hope to bring the voice of Bristol Bay to the meetings, I want the people we have elected in this great nation to know just how important every fish, every stream, every blade of grass is to our resources.  I just hope and pray that I have words to offer that will bring the Bay to life for each of them so they understand that even if the valuable resource found in the ground under the potential mine belonged to the peoples of Bristol Bay to remove from the ground and become rich individuals, we would still choose to leave it where it is. We feel we are already rich in the vast diversity and environmental harvest that we enjoy each and every year and have for generations.” Nanci Morris-Lyon, Co-Owner Bear Trail Lodge.
Take a minute to read "Taking Bristol Bay to the Bank" in its entirety at Rogue Angels


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