Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TLTFF Contest #2...KAVU Day

First of all, every one of our followers/readers...yes you...deserve a huge THANK YOU! We hit 100 followers 2 nights ago on Facebook and because of that, we're following through with our promise, the next TLTFF Contest goes live NOW! So here's the deal...

One of our biggest supporters is a company many of you have heard me mention but may not know much about. KAVU. One of my best friends from college, T-Bob, works for KAVU as their Marketing Bro. He was awesome enough to send us a care package filled with some gnarly swag just for you guys! I mean, we got some legit stuff. So, in order to give you guys this legit stuff, we're going to have a giveaway involving what KAVU is all about. You don't know what KAVU is all about...? Well, let me educate you a bit with a snippet from their site... 


KAVU outdoor clothing is designed for men and women with busy livin’ lifestyles.

All of our gear and apparel is crafted for what we call a KAVU Day– the adventure that leaves you exhilarated, exhausted and fully alive. Whether your KAVU Day involves kayaking, hiking, climbing, or just some quality time in the big outdoors, we’ve got you covered. It’s all about attitude, doing what you love and pushing boundaries.

Since 1993, we at KAVU have been weaving this feeling into our comfortable and durable outdoor clothing. We understand what you need because we’re out doing the same thing: playing hard, getting dirty, creating fun. This is the attitude behind KAVU gear. We provide the apparel for all your adventures, wherever they lead you.

Based in Seattle, KAVU is a small, energetic company that refuses to rest. Founded on the now-classic Strapcap, we’ve expanded into a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing, bags, sunglasses, and accessories. We take great care to choose fabrics that are eco-friendly, using natural fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and cotton.

Our outdoor-ready clothing perfectly blends function and fashion, so you can rough it up all day, then wash out the trail grit and wear it to your favorite watering hole that night – and look good doing it.

So have a KAVU Day! We’ll meet up later and share some stories.

Perfect, this is exactly what your going to do...tell stories. We want to hear about a KAVU day you've had. Whether it be climbing a mountain with a friend and throwing down a hammock to relax at the summit or hooking into and landing that monster Brown Trout you've been working for 3 hours. Give it to us, we want to hear your story. Email your KAVU Day story to our email, write it on our Facebook page, or comment below on this post.

So I know what your thinking, "What do we win Morgan and Zach, what do we win!?" Wait no longer friends, heres the prize list, get ready, because they're our best yet!

1st Place- Wins a KAVU Swag Pack: KAVU Hat ($22.00 value), Shirt ($28.00 value), Stickers, and a pair of 'Perma Grin' Firewater Polarized Sunglasses ($82.00 value) 

2nd Place- Wins a KAVU Hat, a pair of limited edition 'Daisy' Shorts (seen below, $48.00 value), and Stickers

3rd Place- Wins a KAVU Hat, Shirt, and Stickers

4th Place- Wins a KAVU Hat and Stickers

5th Place- Wins some KAVU Stickers

Yes there are 5 chances to win, because we just have so much swag to give away! Winner will be decided by the best KAVU Day story, which will be judged based on the KAVU description of one. One submission per person will be accepted and the contest is over on May 15th at midnight.

It is preferred that you write your story on our Facebook page since this contest is to celebrate our 100th 'Like' but we understand that not all of our followers have a Facebook. Thank you again everyone who has 'Liked' us on FB, but don't stop now! Spread the word, get us to 200 and we'll do something even bigger! Contest starts for you now, the moment you read this (official start was 4/24/12 at 7:00am).

Make sure y'all check out the KAVU site and their super-legit stuff. I honestly have more KAVU gear/clothing than any other brand in my closet and dresser. I mean, I wear KAVU every day of the week (primarily because my wallet is KAVU too). Awesome company, make sure you get out and support them! You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Ready. Set. Go!

Boom...Morgan & Zach

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  1. ha. just noticed the toes in the "daisy shorts" picture. nice. I don't know why I think that is funny, but I do.