Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fly Product: Review of Liquid Flow Shorts

We recently received a pair of Liquid Flow shorts to review and right off the bat I must say I am impressed. With the “Do Anything, Go Anywhere” motto, Liquid flow shorts are perfect for every occasion and rightfully deserve a spot in any guy’s short collection.  The pair we are reviewing today is the size 34 Classic Solid Shorts in a stone color.

The shorts are made extremely well and allow you the flexibility to literally do anything.  I have worn the shorts for several different occasions and they have been perfect.  They are comfortable and do not restrict movement like some khaki shorts but they do not sag or stretch like gym shorts or bathing suits.  You could play golf, swim, fish, hike, hunt, shop, dine, or pretty much do anything in these versatile shorts.  That is what makes them so great. 

The shorts have 2 front pockets and 2 rear zip pockets to keep your valuables safe.  There is also a built in waterproof pocket liner for items you want to keep dry.  Like that $500 cell phone that you always drop in the water while fishing…I’ve done it twice now.  The liner can be left in or removed with the clip of a small carabineer. 

While perusing the Liquid Flow website for my next pair, I was amazed at the collection of different colors and styles they have to offer.  I must say they have some gnarly patterns that would fit anyone’s lifestyle, whether you’re a khakis kind of guy or some bro who loves sporting the patterned themes. The shorts also come in a Classic Fit or Active Fit. The Classic Fit is a particular fit, with an 8 1/4 inch inseam, offering the same style and feel that the growing consumer base has grown to love.  The active fit has a slightly wider hip area than the Classic Fit and a 9 1/4 inch inseam. These shorts are not only perfect for taller/larger people but they are also the ideal short when looking to play golf or any other sport requiring a lot of movement. Simply put, the active fit will allow you to move about more freely when active but give you the same look as the classic fit. 

Overall, we give these shorts a TLTFF 5 out of 5 stars. I will definitely own more than just one pair and with the versatility I may never own another brand when it comes to shorts to wear on the water. Thanks to folks at Liquid Flow for allowing us the opportunity to experience their clothing and super gnarly product. Liquid Flow shorts are truly a great product and you will not be disappointed.

Make sure you check out Liquid Flow's site and legit product line and check them out on Facebook

Boom...Zach & Morgan

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