Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fly Product: Goat Head Sole Spikes

While Tweeting one day, I got a random Tweet back from a company called Goat Head. I really knew nothing about them but after a short Twitter conversation, I had a pair of their featured products in my hand in about 3 days. Initially, I was thinking, they have a legit logo and great product idea, why not. After talking with Mat Brown (co-owner and founder of Goat Head), I knew I had something good in my hands and couldn't wait to get these things into my wading boots.

For any of you who have stepped into a stream full of Didymo, walked along a path with mossy rocks, or even hiked a path after a good rain, let me start out by this review.

Goat Head's featured product, the Sole Spikes are screws/spikes that you drive into the soles of your hiking and/or wading boots to add traction and help improve grip. In order to install them, Goat Head recommends using their socket tool but since they come with the bit, you can save yourself the $3.00 and fit it into any standard drill. Here's a description from the Goat Head site itself:

Goat Head Sole Spikes™ are carefully designed traction spikes that screw directly into the soles of most any outdoor shoe. Unlike clumsy strap-on devices that rob the feel and agility of your performance shoe, you’ll hardly notice your Sole Spikes except for the earth-gripping traction you gain.
  • Each cup contains 24 quality Sole Spikes made from cold-forged, heat-hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel for maximum durability as well as a 1/4″ magnetic socket bit for EASY installation
  • 28 biting edges on each head for superior traction with fewer spikes
  • Serrated flange “locks” the spike into the sole to prevent back-turning and fall out
  • Easy to install in just about any shoe as our needle point screw tip allows goes right in without pre-drilling or other methods
  • Short tip and beefy flange prevent accidental push through to the foot
  • Bright finish makes it easier to find if you happen to drop a spike in snow or gravel
  • Use of Sole Spikes™ can increase the life of your shoe sole (like a hobnail)
  • Small gauge of the tip leaves minimal impact to your sole if you remove the spikes later. Not much more than if you stepped on a goat head thorn
  •  Most importantly, they can help keep you safe!
  • Patent pending design
Whatever your outdoor passion–trail runningfly-fishingrunning on snow packed streets, hiking, adventure racing, or just exploring rugged terrain, Sole Spikes are constructed to meet the need.
Read what people who are using Sole Spikes have to say about our product. Read our reviews.
Find out just how easy Sole Spikes are to install and use.

Coming in at $18.95, the Sole Spikes are an absolute deal. Being made from the "cold-forged, heat-hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel", these bad boys are tough as nails. The extra biting edges are especially helpful (trust me, I know). Story time...

So Zach and I went out to the Gunpowder on our normal Saturday morning trip and I decided to throw on the spikes this day for the review. Thank God I did. As we came up on a nice stretch of stream notorious for random hidden deep holes, I stepped on a slippery submerged branch about 20 yards downstream from Zach, and plop, down goes Fraiser. I started to swim since I was totally unable to touch bottom and once I finally did, it was on a rather slippery rock. The Sole Spikes caught the edge and held, allowing me to stand up before any more water got down into my waders. I can honestly say that the Sole Spikes may have saved my life.

Moving on with the review. The spikes fit perfectly into any boots (especially those with the pre-drilled holes for spikes, which I believe all Orvis and Simms boots have now). The are comfortable to wear and assist not only in the stream but while walking to the spot you plan on jumping in by grabbing soft ground well. I love my Sole Spikes, probably won't take them out until its time for new boots, and even then I'll only take them out to put them into my new boots...

Overall, Goat Head Sole Spikes get a TLTFF 5 stars out of 5. For only $18.95, again, I can't complain. For an additional $3.00 you can get the bit tool as well. I personally want to thank the guys over at Goat Head for sending us their product and really, saving my day/life. Awesome product from a great company. Cant wait to get these spikes wet in all future trips.

Goat Head recently released some new products other than their Spikes including hats, paracord accessories, and stickers. Be sure you let the guys at Goat Head know you heard about them here at TLTFF. If you want to check out Goat Head and didn't click on any of the links above, check out their website here. You can also check out Goat Head on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin


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