Friday, April 27, 2012

Daily Deal...Fish Itch Goodness

Normally $15.00, now only $6.00

What's yer local fishin' hole worth to ya? A million bucks? Millions upon millions are spent every year to deal with the crazy critters that get into our waters that ought not be there. Would you give ten bucks to fight 'em? The videos from USDA Forest Service n' partners like Wildlife Forever are on the house. And if you watch these here DVDs, they'll tell ya how to keep them critters out of our waters in the first place. This little brush from Clean Angling is to get crud off yer boots n' waders - that's one way them critters get spread. The FoodSource Lures catch the fish that do swim in our waters, 'n they're the most biodegradable, digestible artificials on the market. How 'bout a couple Bullet Weights Loon Kits to round 'er out? Non-toxic tackle? That's part of the toolkit fer any caretaker of the lake, and they're the perfect deal fer Earth Week.


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