Monday, April 16, 2012

Daily Deal...Bobbers and Weights

Via Fish Itch:

Clearly Outdoors Essentials

Catchin' fish is tough enough--why make riggin' up for the water even tougher? That's the idear behind all these great products from Clearly Outdoors. Every single one of these bobbers, beads, stops and sinkers goes on super easy--and they're easy to adjust if ya need to change the depth yer fishin' at. This time of year, crappies 'r goin' good. Tough ta beat a float-n-jig 'r a bobber'n minnow. Slip bobberin' walleyes in deep water? Slick as a whistle with this setup. Trout yer spring thing? These do 'em right. Easy on, easy off. Easy to change depths. Less frustratin' and more fun - yessir, and thank ya.


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