Thursday, April 19, 2012

Allen Fly Fishing's New Website

Great new look, style, and format...Allen Fly Fishing really changed it up on Tuesday with the launch of their new website. Its much easier to navigate, especially when finding their Deal of the Week section (us at TLTFF's favorite new addition). Check out the new site, let us know what you think! Here's the email I received Tuesday announcing the launch...


We have been working hard over the past few months to put together a new website that reflects the amount of growth we've gone through as a company. We have cleaned up and improved the layout to be more intuitive and easy to navigate, and added new content and features.

One new section of the website you will notice is our deal of the week. This will showcase one item we are offering at our best discounted price in very limited quantities. We highly encourage bookmarking this site and checking back each week to see the new deal!

Our new website features customer accounts. Each time you want to make a purchase, you will login to our store to complete the transaction. If you have purchased from us before, you will already be in the database. All you need to do is set up a new password. To do this, simply type in your email address and hit "forgot password." This will take you through the steps to get this set up. It's quite easy, and only takes a minute.  If you are part of our guide, pro, or military purchase programs, please contact Evan ( to get your account properly set up.

Product Reviews 

Our new site also features the ability to leave reviews of the products! If you have some Allen gear you've been using, let everyone know how it's working out for you! Using our hooks? Leave a review letting us know what you've been using that hook to tie up!

Weekly Photo Contest

"The 12' 5wt Olympic is awesome! I've been fishing this rod every chance I get."

Want to share an extraordinary catch or great photo of a fish you caught on your Allen gear?  Email them to with "photo contest" in the subject line.  Your fish does not need to be the biggest to win! Entries are judged on the fish, story, photography, and fish handling.  We also are now encouraging pictures of flies tied on our hooks for the weekly contest!  Winners will receive a prize each week!

*We are going to be adding a gallery for flies tied on our hooks to our website. If you have some flies you're proud of and want to share with us, submit them as you would a weekly photo contest entry.  Please include what Allen hook you used on the fly.*

Upcoming Shows

Our show list continues to grow each week with visits all over the country! We've sincerely enjoyed meeting new and old customers alike, and want to continue doing so as much as we possibly can.  Hope to see everyone in the area at the Fly Expo in Sandy, UT this wekeend!

Here's what we have coming up:

Customer Service Contacts
Justin - Any questinons, I'd be happy to help.
Evan -  Have a gear question?  General fishing questions?  Or if wanting to be apart of our pro and guide program, he'd be the one to contact. 
Gavin - Warehouse and shipping.  Question about your order?  This is the guy.  EMAIL:


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