Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AACC Now Offering a "Chesapeake Bay Fishing" Course

Anne Arundel Community College, where I am currently getting my second degree in the art of paramedicine (I'm becoming a paramedic) is a great school. With the cost around $80/credit hour (free for me this semester thanks to scholarships), I cannot complain. The recently posted a non-credit class for this summer titled "Chesapeake Bay Fishing" on their courses list for this summer. Here's the description...

Chesapeake Bay Fishing

0 credit hours
0.0 ceu hours

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Cover the basics of fresh and saltwater fishing. Discuss bait fishing, lure fishing with spin and casting tackles, and fly fishing. Learn about rigging baits, fish fighting and landing techniques, tackle maintenance and angling resources. $65+ includes $15 fee. Note: Bring a rod and reel for the hands-on part of class. Bring a bag lunch.

If your in the area and are looking for some info on Chesapeake Bay Fishing, this may be the class for you... check it here. Enjoy.


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