Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hangtime and Hookup

The best part about this fly, I have one on the way! Cannot wait to try it out, amazing looking fly!

Via Casting Life Away:

I have always found northern pike and musky to be incredible. Fish into the mid 50 class, built for speed and predation. These fish are savage. I have been digging around looking for info on pursuing both species in the mitten, and found some cool patterns. I took ideas from each of the flies I enjoyed online, and blended some styles from each. Here is a photo of what I’m planning on fishing hard this season in the Great Lakes.

I also made it out locally the last couple days for a few hours each day. I wanted to test run some patterns, maybe touch some tail in the process. Ended up spotting a low 40 inch musky cruising high, and hooking several fish on a streamer. They all came unbuttoned. Go figure.



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