Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Real Gold Mine is Already There

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The Pebble Limited Partnership recently released an Environmental Baseline Document (EBD) which "characterizes the existing physical, biological and social environments in study areas within the Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet regions." The Pebble EBD contains approximately 20,000 pages of data and analysis and is divided into 53 chapters plus appendices.
According to the Partnership, the document provides a significant legacy of publicly available data, regardless of whether or not the Pebble Project moves forward.
What the Partnership does not say is that it also provides a significant baseline of exactly what the Pebble Mine is going to screw up if the project moves forward.
LINK (Via: Alaska Public Org)
You can download the entire EBD chapter by chapter HERE.
Meanwhile the Wild Salmon Center and TU have released a new report that restates much of what we already know.
Examining a wide body of studies, reports, and the best available scientific information, the report analyzes preliminary proposals for the mine, concluding there is too much at stake ecologically, economically, and culturally to risk development of the Pebble deposit.
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