Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty Cool Stream Report from Dawn Patrol

Via Dawn Patrol:

spend enough time wandering around in the woods and eventually you’ll run across some weird shit. creeps seek the solitude of the wilderness just like outdoorsman do… only for different reasons. we checked out new water today and one section had some old cabins along the bank. they had all been trashed and tagged to no end in the shitty graffiti you’d expect from bored, backwoods teenagers with a little spray paint and too much keystone light.
the last one in the row was set further apart and as we got closer i noticed a car parked out front. the cabin was falling apart like the others but it had fresh trash all around it and the vibe immediately felt different. while my friend fished i saw some movement in the car through it’s fogged up windows. we moved up through the pool with one eye on the water and one over our shoulders. when we got behind cabin and out of the line of sight, the engine fired up in all it’s mufflerless glory and the beater chevy reluctantly drove off through the woods. behind the shack we found a pile of discarded jewelry scattered among the river stones. some still had price tags hanging on them. i imagine some shady capers now take place in what was once someones quaint little getaway.
the stream was slow to show us any love but when it did the fish were larger than expected. so despite all the trash and the meth heads on the one stretch, we’ll be back to see those fish again once spring rolls around.
For the rest of the pictures, check out Dawn Patrol for yourself!

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