Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Products Added by Nature Boy Designs

So Keith and I have been emailing back and forth this past week and I was able to get a heads up on new stuff at the NBD store. They have now added a Ladies "California Native" shirt to the lineup and, my rumors have been confirmed (from my previous NBD post) by the newest rod tubes Keith has done. Totally custom and totally radical, Keith made a custom Rainbow Trout themed NBD "Bomb Proof" Rod Tube and he also did a custom "Red/White/Black Camo" tube for Tony over at the Bearded Boar. If you want something custom, you can email Keith at Zach has a lanyard coming sometime this week, we can wait to get them out to try on a legit trip (rather than the small stream "quickies" we've been getting in). Keith mentioned a new prototype for the lanyards that we have been privileged enough to try out first, THANKS KEITH! Check out the newest work and if you decide to order something, let Keith know TLTFF sent you.

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