Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Reel...The Grab

So Weight Forward Films has a new video coming out called THE GRAB!. I saw the trailer/teaser about 2 months ago and boy oh boy, I can't wait. As someone who has never caught a steelhead (Hey, I've tried!), I think these films just get me more and more pumped for my first Steel. Check out the site for the film, they actually have some pretty gnarly stuff on there. Here's a little info on WFF and The Grab...

Weight Forward Films-

"Weight Forward Films is a film production company comprised of professional filmmakers with experience producing feature films, industrials and commercials for worldwide markets.
As a dedicated fly fisherman, Producer Jeremy Quinlan, possesses a  unique combination of film production experience and a devotion to chasing Wild Steelhead with a two-handed rod.  This has driven Weight Forward Films to fuse these two crafts together into what we believe is an amazing experience."

"THE GRAB! is a feature length documentary about an obsessed fly fisherman and his annual pilgrimages to the storied waters of Northern California in search of Wild Steelhead with a two-handed rod.
The film is produced and directed by Jeremy Quinlan of Weight Forward Films and features Jeremy, Jason Hartwick of Steelhead On the Spey, guests and friends and the Wild Steelhead of the Pacific Northwest.  Directors of Photography include Thomas McCarty of Shoot This and Ed Blair of Elysium Films.
THE GRAB! is currently in production and will be released in 2012."
Here is the teaser and a little clip the guys at WFF just released...


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