Saturday, February 4, 2012


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You may or may not know this already, but I love side projects.

They range from bars, social media consulting, the fly shop, conservation groups, carpentry, and, yes, even geology. Be it for cash, future considerations, fun or altruistic reasons, it's good to be busy.

Besides, it can't be always about catching fish, right?

This side project runs a little on the fun & altruistic reasons. Fun because I like causing shit, and altruistic because I think this shit is bad.

So I give you....
The aquaculture industry, with the farming of Atlantic salmon in particular, is doing some bad shit. This bad shit is happening in Canada, USA, Chile, Scotland and Norway. And in order to save our wild salmon, it needs to be addressed ASAP.

This has been brewing within me for a few months. It started when I attended a fundraising dinner of a local salmon association and saw one of the main sponsors was an aquaculture company. The same company that very recently had charges brought against it for illegally using pesticides in the open ocean. This got me thinking, reading...and angry.

This page will NOT be preachy; in fact, I'll only be linking to existing news bulletins, peer-reviewed journal articles, presentations and more. Heck, I'll even link to positive stories about the aquaculture industry (if I can find them).

Comments will be strongly moderated, too; no matter what side of the aisle a person's viewpoint is, I won't be tolerating hateful shit & conspiracy theories.

So if you care about this kind of stuff, I hope you 'like' it:


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