Friday, February 10, 2012

Addison Berry Flies

Instagram is such a great social media outlet. I started to follow a guy named Addison a few weeks back and immediately found myself "Liking" his flies. Awesomely tied Intruder flies with charter and a real great touch. He asked his followers if anyone wanted to try out his flies and I immediately jumped on it. Here's some of his work from Instagram...

You may recognize the second to last picture if you follow us on Facebook, it was our pic of the day a few days ago. Addison is from NC and can be found on Instagram under the name @addiberry1. Don't have an Instagram? Its ok, you can still sign up for Ink361 and see everyone's pictures and make a profile, its free!

Be sure to check TLTFF out on Instagram under the name @tltff.



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