Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog of Note: Global Fisher

This week's Blog of Note is Global Fisher. Check out what GF is all about...

What’s Global Fisher all about? I created this page because I love the outdoors, fly fishing in particular. It’s a way for me to escape from the sometimes harsh reality of the world and just chill. I’ve been around the web for quite a while now and actually started with an online forum where I meet many incredible people. Honestly, the forums were just too demanding for me and my life. In the hopes that I could still manage all the flies in the box and fish some too, I launched the Global Fisher blog. It’s devoted to chasing tail, taking pictures, and exploring gear from the past and present. A page that is managed at my own pace, and around the rest of my life. There may not be updates everyday, but when content is published, it is of quality.
As you may have already seen, there is a wide variety of information pushed through the blog. Along with my personal bumming ventures, G.F. is here to provide you the readers with enjoyable content from within the fly fishing industry. I strive to provide new and informative material to include; gear reviews, conservation, photography, videos, art, tutorials, contests, giveaways as well as interviews and press releases.
When I’m not writing on G.F., I am a husband, father and airman in the worlds best Air Force. As you can foresee, it is quite the juggling act, but I love every minute of it.
They do a contest over at GF called "GF of the Month", check it out here...LINK
You know I love free gear, so of course I gave it a shot, send your photo to, remember you must 'Like' their page on Facebook.
Right now they have a great giveaway going for Rite Bobbins, check out the details on their blog!

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