Friday, December 23, 2011

T.F.M. Apparel Artworkz

2012 T.F.M. Apparel Artwork

Last August while at IFTD, Paul Puckett of Flood Tide Co.and I had a conversation at his booth and within five minutes a few things were quickly ironed out.  He agreed to be the artist for the 2012 T.F.M. apparel items and that he would do two pieces of artwork as well so there would be a coldwater and saltwater choice.

There are some fish that are forever etched into my mind and the twenty inch dry fly eating Bonneville Cutthroat that I caught a few years ago in Wyoming is still seared into my memory.  Paul took a few photographs of this trout and did an excellent job of recreating it with ink.

It's no secret that the redfish curse had been tough to break but I had enough faith in a few trips which were lined up for this past fall to ask Paul to provide artwork of a redfish for the saltwater apparel choice.  Paul's redfish face bears a striking resemblance to the first redfish that I caught a couple months ago and really looks stellar screened on the back of the T.F.M. t-shirt.

The first batch of 2012 "prototype" t-shirts arrived yesterday and they look great.  For the first couple orders I'll only be offering the shirts in black but hope to add a couple other color choices early next year.  I am also very close to offering a couple technical shirt choices as well.

The T.F.M. t-shirts are priced at $20 for a short sleeve and $24 for a long sleeve with $4 shipping for one item and free shipping if multiple pieces of apparel are ordered.

I am also offering black hoodies made with either the Cutthroat or Redfish artwork if there is interest.  T.F.M. hoodies are priced at $36.

Please send an email to place an order or if you have questions.  The next order goes to the printer the first week of January with delivery around the middle of the month.

Special thanks to Paul Puckett for providing the artwork for next  year's apparel pieces.  I am very excited about both of them.  


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