Saturday, December 17, 2011

Message From Out of the Blue

So a good friend of mine from college, KH, just dropped a line on me. Haven't chatted with the bro in a good while. This man is not only one of the best fly fisherman I've ever met but an all-around legit guy. Great conversationist, active outdoorsman, excellent fly fisherman/tyer, and well, lets just say he did some time on one of the Deadliest Catch boats. Not only does he currently live on the Umpqua River (he's living in some new awesome place every time we talk), but the man has caught every fish I've dreamed of catching...twice. He's got some big things coming up in the near future, big for us fly fisherman, were talking surveys, grants, fish populations, Alaska, winning. Keep an eye out for more mentions as info and cool stuff flows in from KH up in AK. I leave you with a quote (the line that ended our conversation and was semi random)..."don't forget to use head cement."


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