Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daily Deals...Fish Itch & Caddis Fly Deal #12

Fish Itch: Kahtoola MICROspikes ($30.00 - 50% off)

Don’t go ass over elbows!

Most ice fishermen don’t get hurt fallin’ THROUGH the ice, they get hurt fallin’ ON the ice. You gotta have a good pair of cleats to keep from bustin’ your rumpus. Sure, there’s some cheapo cleats you can pick up for less than a fifth of whiskey, but when they break or the whisky runs out, those are both easy ways to wind up on yer butt again. Nobody makes a better set of cleats than Kahtoola. The elastomer of these MICROspikes stays strong at temperatures down to 76 below zero, and the chains and spikes are tougher than nails. Whether it's keeping’ upright on an icy driveway, hikin’ up the mountains in winter, or gettin’ to your hole during ice season, these MICROspikes are a must-have.

Caddis Fly: ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go That's Fly Boxer
that's fly boxer
If you are still wearing cotton under your waders your not getting most out of your breathable equipment. The ExOfficio That’s Fly Boxer is a comfortable, long wearing, breathable, quick drying, odor resistant boxer. Once you start with these you will wonder why you haven’t had them for your whole life. Get them for a great deal only $15 at this link: ExOfficio Boxer.


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