Monday, November 21, 2011

Website of the Week...Nature Boy Designs

Where do I start...a guy with an idea goes a long way, especially if its a fly fisherman who can make cool shit. I stumbled upon Nature Boy Designs through my daily blog stroll on Moldy Chum. Dude Keith has his shit together, a man who can make legitimately useful gear (on his own) and sell it for an affordable price. Heres their pitch...

"Nature Boy Designs provides a fresh new outlook on the sport of Fly Fishing. My products are a result of years of working in the fly fishing industry. Fly Fishing gear should be cool and yet be super functional. You will see this represented throughout the product line." 

Check out NBD for yourself and be sure to give him some business, his stuff is affordable and smart. My personal favorite is the NBD "Bomb Proof" Rod Tube: custom built by Keith himself and made per order, this bad boy is made from ABS pipe, has a foam lid for added protection, hand woven handle, included shoulder strap, and a 4' diameter capable of accommodating 4-6 rods depending on size! For any information on his gear, you can email Keith at Check some of his gnar gnar pow pow gear...


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