Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trip Reports...Waterworks and The Gunpowder

So I've been fishing Waterworks as often as I can recently with some not so good luck on the bass tally. I've pulled in maybe 3 Largemouth in the last 4-5 visits. I haven't caught a good sized one since my 3.27 lb-er over a week and a half ago. Warning, anything with the colors of a Yellow Perch (orange, yellow, white, black, green) will get torn apart. I've probably caught about 100 Bluegill, great, awesome, but not what I'm going for. A few Chain Pickerel have been brought in as well but nothing too impressive recently.  Needless to say, I have a lot of fishing karma build up. Ive found, based on my experience, the biggest bass are in the second largest reservoir, the one to the right when in the handicapped fishing area, the biggest Pickerel are in the smallest back pond, and the prettiest pond, with the largest number of fish, is the main reservoir. Enough said, heres some pictures...I'll try and post some pictures of flies that are working when I get some to work...

These are some of this years catfish spawn under the Waterworks dam.

Z has been tearing it up, he's a real bass fisherman, dude knows his shit. Thats exactly why I took him to the Gunpowder for his birthday this past Saturday, where he showed me up on Trout fishing as well. We fished the stretch between the Pretty Boy Dam down to Falls Rd. I caught my first Brown on a size 12 Green Weenie in the first 20 minutes with nothing but bumps, rises, and follows the rest of the day. Z on the other hand, was consistent throughout the day by pulling in 4 or 5 Browns almost entirely on Green Weenies. My bumps and follows came from Green Weenies, Beetles, and Caddis patterns. The River has TOTALLY changed from all the rain we got after Irene and learning the river again was kind of fun/a challenge. Check the pics and enjoy...

Tight Lines...Morgan

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