Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Condit Dam Removal

Check it...via Moldy Chum:

You can watch the Condit Damn breach live today at NOON.

More explosive dam breaching fun!
To satisfy the public’s desire to watch the blast, PacifiCorp has set up a live webcast of the breach and will be announcing the URL on their website today at 11am.
White Salmon Restored will also be extensively covering the breach with the following.
  • Two long-term time-lapse camera stations (equipped with Canon T2is) will be shooting one JPG frame every 3 seconds all day
  • A second still camera (Canon 1D Mark 4) will be shooting 1 RAW frame per second for 45 minutes starting 5 minutes before the blast
  • Two video cameras–a Sony FS100 and a Sony EX1–will each be shooting HD video for about 8 hours starting at 10am
  • Steve and I will both be mobile with Canon 5Ds
LINK (Via: White Salmon Restored)

Why the Condit Dam in southeastern Washington is coming out, details on how it is happening and what happens next.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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