Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waterworks Park...A New Beginning

One word...finally. Waterworks Park, really the only place to fish in the 21401 zip code finally (and silently) reopened on September 1st. Since I'm in class, I'm going to copy and paste shit from the Annapolis city's website about it for you to read and catch up with. Here's the brochure.

"The Annapolis Waterworks Park is a passive recreational facility operated by the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department. This Park is one of the few open space resources in the area which provides the public with hiking trails, as well as places to picnic and fish. There are miles of nature trails and a picnic pavilion (first-come, first-serve.)
Waterworks Park is located at 260 Defense Highway, about one mile past the Annapolis Mall. There are three fresh water fishing ponds –catch and release fishing only (the fish cannot be taken home.)
Maryland fishing licenses apply and can be purchased at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Rowe Blvd.) in Annapolis.
The permits sold by ARPD are for access to Waterworks Park only. Due to the Park’s ecological sensitivity and limited parking, all visitors are required to obtain a permit to use the park. Permits are issued to City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County residents only. Valid identification must be provided prior to the issuance of any permit. A limited number of quarterly and monthly permits are issued beginning the 15th of the month preceding the month the permit is valid.
Permits are available in person from the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department office located at the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center at Truxutn Park, 273 Hilltop Lane in Annapolis during building hours.
The permits are sold on the 15th of the month prior to the permitted month:
• September permits on sale August 15
• October permits on sale September 15
• November permits on sale October 15
Permit Cost:Monthly (30 allotted) = City of Annapolis Resident $10 / Anne Arundel County Resident $15
Quarterly (50 allotted) = City of Annapolis Resident $30 / Anne Arundel County Resident $45
In order to prove residency, we need a copy of your driver’s license. Please remember to have your "hang tag" visible in your car while parked at the park. We also recommend having your receipt on hand while you're at Waterworks Park too as the receipt has the combination to the lock which allows you to access the park.
Limited hours have been slated for September, October and November:
• Weekdays, 4 p.m. until dusk
• Weekends, 7 a.m. until dusk
The park will close to the public during the winter months.
This park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and we ask that you treat the natural surroundings with respect. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the following rules and regulations must be followed or your permit will be revoked:
1. Entrance to the park is by permit only. Obey posted park hours (see above); park closes at dusk.
2. Stay off the dam.
3. No fires of any kind. No smoking.
4. Please do not enter any of the buildings or small pump houses. There is very dangerous high voltage electrical equipment in these structures.
5. Do not go beyond the designated trails. We ask that you respect all private property. The white farm house and the large brick pump house near the entrance to the park are not part of the park operations. Please refrain from approaching either building.
6. No wheeled vehicles of any kind except strollers, wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles for the handicapped. No bicycles, of any kind, are permitted on any of the trails.
7. The person whose name appears on the permit is responsible for the conduct of the group.
8. Children must always be supervised by an adult.
9. You are expected to help maintain the park’s natural beauty. Do not cut or dig up trees or plants. Do not harm or harass wildlife. No hunting.
10. No swimming, wading, or bathing allowing.
11. No ice skating or boating is allowed.
12. The possession of firearms, fireworks or weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited.  
13. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed in the park.
14. Pets are prohibited.
15. Please use the trash receptacles located adjacent to the entrance gate. If the cans are full, we ask that you please take your trash with you.
16. Report any accident or injury to the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department at 410-263-7958
In April 2010, the City reluctantly closed the Waterworks Parkbecause of budget cuts in the Recreation and Parks Department. A group of park users lobbied the City administration to reconsider the closure, offering suggestions for greater efficiency in park operations, and the Department had anticipated re-opening the park within a year of its closure."
To finish up, I have a Setp, Oct, Nov permit courtesy of the smart thinking and quick acting of ZM (thanks bro). We've fished it about 4-5 times now with a shit-ton of success (check out the pics below). I finally just got some gnar bass flies tied up to try out. Ive been fishing with my spinning rod so far just to test out colors and sizes of lures to get an idea of what flies may work (and be tied). As we fish it more and more, I'll post about it. Anyone around the Annapolis area (or not) that wants to make the drive, I'm down to carpool and get some fishing in (new friends/fishing buddies are always welcome) if you want to take advantage of my permit. This weekend ZM and I are taking the wives to the beach to get some fishing in at Colin's pond and potentially the ocean. Keep an eye on the blog for some more lovin. Boom...

Tight Lines...Morgan

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