Saturday, July 23, 2011

Website of the Week...Fly Tying Contest

Check out Fly Tying Contest, a legit site where you can 'Get Your Pattern in Production' by submitting a pattern. You can also see other people's patterns for tying reference since they lay out recipes for you and everything. So gnar. Here's their 'About' section:

Fly Tying Contest is an idea we have had for some time.
Each and every day we are fortunate enough to talk to people of all walks of life, who fish for anything from bluegill to tarpon, from local rivers to exotic locations all over the world. When we ask, ‘whats working?’, a recurring theme is an original pattern that they have developed over the years. In many cases, a couple weeks later we get an envelope in the mail with the pattern and a note (which is very cool!).
Some of our customers are world class, well known tiers, most are not. The majority sit quietly at their bench developing fish catching flies whose only home is in the box of it’s creator. That is about to change.
In 2011, we will be featuring the creations of people just like you in our 100+ page, full color catalog. No ringers allowed either. If you are getting royalty checks from a production tying company, you are not eligible for this contest. We want the patterns of an ‘undiscovered’ talent.
We know that this is too big of a project for us to undertake, so we had to call in some favors.
We had to find someone to tie the winning patterns so we contacted our friends at Rainy’s Flies. Rainy’s is a top notch company who produces flies for guys like Lefty, Clouser, Galloup and more. They are trusted to duplicate some of the industries best performing patterns. Should you win, your pattern will be in good hands.
We also called in some favors locally. Friends of the shop like Brian Wise and Matt Tucker. Brian is going to be the ‘host’ of the contest. Giving you updates on what is going on periodically. Matt is going to give us the much needed help behind the scenes with the website and getting these patterns online for you to see.
We need your help too. Even if you do not have a pattern to submit, we want to hear your feedback on the submissions. This is a year long contest. The reason is that we want people to use the patterns they see here. This will help the judges make the final call on the winners. So if you see a pattern that looks good for your water. Tie a couple. Fish them and let us know what you think.
So there you have it. If you have ever wanted to get your patterns out there, this is your chance. We look forward to your submissions and feedback.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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