Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Next Toy...So I Can GoPro

The company is rather new but to most people in the action world, they've been out a while. Raising the bar constantly, GoPro has been dominating the HD video market. They not only make sick cameras, but awesome accessories for them including suction cups for car, surfboard, and helmet mounting, brackets for bikes, jet skis, and fishing rods...yes fishing rods. The most popular feature is the fact that they come with an underwater case and mounting bracket. A 1080p HD camera for $260, you can't beat just can't. Click 'Read More' below to check out some videos (make sure you watch them in they get the full 'blow your mind' effect) shot on a GoPro camera.

Here's a clip taken with their new GoPro 3D case which allows you to have two of their cameras in one case to take a 3D clip...

Colin (click his name to friend him on Facebook) recently bought one and has been tearing it up with some gnarly videos. Some of which, he, Raven Lundy (friend him on Facebook as well), and The Wild Lyfe crew have posted on their wall for the Nike Chosen challenge. Check out these sick videos filmed by The Wild Lyfe Crew's Raven Lundy and by John Griber (click on his name to check him out on Vimeo) on their GoPro Hero cameras.

Can't wait to get my hands on one...check out to see what all the rave is about and what other cool shit you can get for your camera.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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