Monday, July 25, 2011

Gunpowder River...Epic Slaying of the Trout

Awesome day, crushed the trout. Zach and I got in the water by 8am right at the Prettyboy Dam. I threw on a size 14 Olive Wooly Bugger (classic fly selection) and Zach a size 12 Green Weenie. I had a hit my first cast as did Zach. I had a hit my third cast, as did Zach. Fifth cast, we both had good Browns, first 5 minutes in the water and slay fest had begun. Boom...

Mine and Zach's First Trout of the Day

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The dam was beautiful, air temp was around 65 degrees, I felt like I needed to throw on a hoodie. The water blasting out of the dam was around 50 degrees, nice and cold for the trout. The mist was cool too, I wish we had that all day since air temps hit 100 by noon. Here's some pics of the dam:

We finally decided to move downstream after no success at the dam after our first trout. While moving downstream, we found a 28" Brown on the bank half eaten by some kind of vermin. We then ran into 2 fly fisherman, one of which said he was floating a beetle and dropping a nymph off of it but the trout were actually going for the beetle (accurate to Backwater Angler's report). The other said he had some fish rise out of a pool further down the river to his Stimulator pattern. I switched over to a beetle and only had one rise but missed the set. I later switched over to a Stimulator when we got to the pool and had a few fish bump my fly but no takes. Finally we got down to a bend we've always wanted to fish but is always highly populated with fisherman. I threw back on my Bugger and Zach threw back on his Green Weenie after trying out a few dry flies. I had a few nice trout follow my Bugger but no takes. Zach started to pull in a Brown every other cast. I switched over to a Weenie as well and I found out he had put split shot about 6" above his fly. I did so as well and started to bring 'em in too. I hooked up on a nice 14-15" Brown that spit my fly on its 3rd jump. Zach then broke off on a huge Brown as well. After losing about 3 Weenies on one log down in the hole, we decided to go in and fetch them. We spooked the fish out of the hole by doing this (duh) and decided to check out the big pools below us. We didn't have much luck, a shit-ton of looks and bumps from nice trout but no hook ups almost all the way down. Until I spotted a nice 'Bow in a deep pool and swung my Weenie. Boom...instant Rainbow. 

We didn't catch anything after that and decided to call it a day...way too hot. Overall, 15 trout, awesome underwater footage and pictures (video coming soon), and 3 great NY Strip steaks for dinner with the wives to end the day. Boom...I leave you with some last pictures of the day.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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