Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edgewater Pond Gets Another Chance

So I decided to give the pond in Edgewater another try, this time with my fishing buddy Zach. Originally from Tennessee, he knows his shit when it comes to bass fishing. We fished it on Tuesday with our spinning rods to get a feel for dusk fishing at the pond since I had only had the opportunity in the past to fish it mid-day. We had a blast, Z had 4 bass and some panfish which he calls "Brim". I had 2 bass and some panfish as well. We spotted some nice sized carp so I made the plan to read up on catching carp on the fly. I used a few resources including a blog I recently started to follow, Carp on the Fly, dude drops some knowledge and knows his shit as well. I tied up a few carp flies using the basic colors and patterns people seem to use. Here they are:

So we made our plan to re-attack and did so last night. In order from left column down and then right column down: Size 6 Olive Wooly Bugger,  Size 8 Tan/White Clouser Minnow, Size 6 White Zonker, Size 4 Orange/Black Carp Fly, Size 6 Brown Midget Clouser, Size 6 Olive/Tan Clouser Minnow, Size 6 Brown Carp Fly, Size 4 Thin Mint. Of all these flies, the 2 carp I saw yesterday made moves at the Olive Wooly Bugger (top left). We both used our 5 wt fly rods and fished our flies rich off the weed line that was about 3 yards off the shore. I finished the day with 1 bass, 5 panfish, and 2 frogs...yes frogs. We spotted plenty of bass and like I said, 2 carp. Zach finished the day much better than I with 6 bass and a handful of panfish. Check out the pics below after the jump (click 'READ MORE'):

All in all, 2 successful days. We had never caught a bass in this pond before, just panfish, so we were pretty pumped. We will return in hopes of getting those carp. Till next time...

Tight Lines...Morgan

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