Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fly Bench/Tying Area Plans

So, as I said before, I've wanted to make a fly tying bench/area from scratch for awhile. Especially since buying a fly tying area now will set you back about $100, at least. I started to draw up the rough plans for the project Sunday and Monday. I finished the plans today and wanted to post them to get some feedback on them from you guys so please feel free to comment below... I will also post the costs and such for the project just in case you guys want to try it out for yourself. Without any further adieu...

The box in the bottom corner of the second diagram which is the view form the front is the equivalent of 1 sq. in. The green stripped rectangle in diagram one is a plastic fish hook storage box I got from Bass Pro. The blue crisscrossed rectangle in diagram one is felt for my vise to clamp on without messing up the wood platform. The circles from diagram one with the 1 in them are 1" wide, 1.5" deep holes for glue containers or stuff. The black dots in diagram one are holes for storing tools. The other circles (the ones without the 1's) in diagram one are 1 1/4" wide by 1.5' deep. The shaded square in the center of diagram one is a padded area to work on and have as a backdrop for tying. The hook-looking things on the platform of the first diagram are just that, hooks, for hanging tools. The blue dots along the top row of the first diagram as well as the blue rods in the second diagram are metal rods for holding thread, tinsel, wool, etc. The rectangle with the black lines in it in diagram one is a foam cylinder hooked up to a motor which in then is in turn connected to wires and a battery pack to stick flies in for them to dry, pretty cool eh? If you don't know how to make that little guy or don't want to Bass Pro has a great one found here. The dotted lines around the battery pack symbolize the small housing made of wood. On the second diagram, the platform is shown better, its held up by dowels. The weird thing on the first diagram that looks like a line with a dot at one end and what makes the line look like a weird small, misshapen L is my own, homemade, bobbin holder/cradle. There is also a hole in the platform behind the area for the vise for a parachute tool/holder/thing to be put in and go over your vise. I also plan on adding in LED lights to be hooked up to the same battery pack as the rotating fly dryer to light up the work area better.

Hope you enjoy the plans and stuff and maybe your encouraged to build a fly tying area or even draw up and build your own!

Tight Lines...Morgan

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