Monday, November 29, 2010

Steelhead...I Know You Miss Me

Sorry for the short hiatus but it wasn't by choice, our internet has been out. I've been trying to plan a steelhead trip for about 3 years now and I never seem to get around to actually taking the big step of jumping in my car and heading towards Erie, PA. I'd assume its the looming thought of gas mileage in my subconscious but either way, just in case I get into my car spontaneously one day soon, I've been doing my homework. Here's what I got:

Steelhead are spooky fish.

Wet flies work better than dries and nymphs.

Erie, PA has some of the best steelhead fly fishing on the east coast.

8 wt. tends to be the best size rod for steelhead.

Its a kick-ass fish to fight on the fly.

Right now is a great time to attempt to catch them.

A smaller tippet is generally better for catching since they are spooked easily.

Long casts (double haul) are better as well.

Steelhead fisherman are among the toughest because they brave the worst of the elements to even attempt to catch a fish.

I need a better wading jacket...

Here are some of the top patterns for steelhead (in no specific order):
1. Egg patterns
2. Leech patterns
3. Bright colored wet flies
4. Bomber
5. Skunk fly
6. Thin Mint
7. Zonkers
8. Mickey Finn and variations
9. Clouser Minnow and variations

I'll post a video to demonstrate steelhead fishing after this...

Tight Lines...Morgan

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