Monday, November 22, 2010


Typically when I fish, I like to pack light. I bring my Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack, waders (if needed) and boots, rod and reel, polarized sunglasses, a hat or my Buff, clothes for the weather, my drivers (and sometimes boaters) and fishing licenses, my National Saltwater Angler Registry card (needed for fishing in saltwater in Maryland and a few other states now...Found Here), my debit card (just in case), my camera, a net, a tape measure, and some other small miscellaneous items depending on what in fishing for or where I am. Okay, I know, it doesn't sound light but really, I promise, it is.

Inside or on my sling pack (for freshwater) is which ever box(es) of flies I need for the outing, my waterproof wallet, a extra spool of Orvis 5X tippet, my fishing log book, a pen, my camera, a knot tool, my nippers on a zip line, forceps, my Leatherman, extra pre-tied leaders, Frog's Fanny, some lead weights, strike indicators, and a few other little stream-side tools. For saltwater, I add in some bigger leaders, change out my flies, add in a few extra hooks, a glove, hand scale, circle hook remover, and some other small miscellaneous tools.

One great tool I love, is easy to pack and efficient, is my Gorillapod. This thing is perfect for the times you go out to fish by yourself and want to get some sweet pictures.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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