Monday, November 15, 2010

First Post

The first post is always awkward because it's tough to find a good start to a blog...I guess. So I'm just going to wing it and if it's awkward, so be it, I tried.

I'll use this as a continuation of my about me section since I was given a word limit...typical for me due to how much I usually talk in person.

Anyway, to continue what I started, I fished all types of species and tackle all around the East Coast, from the Florida Keys all the way up to Nantucket Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., from Tarpon to Bluefish to Sharks. I loved saltwater fishing. Then I went off to college near Harrisburg, PA where I learned about freshwater trout fishing, a sport that had me “hooked”. I had freshwater fished before as o most people for largemouth bass and panfish but the concept of stream and creek fishing was totally new to me. Soon after putting my first Rooster Tail on my brand new Bill Dance Edition Quantum rod and not to long after catching my first few trout, I learned about fly fishing. Type of fishing I’d heard about but had never really seen. On my next trip to Bass Pro, I entered into a drawing and won a beginners fly rod, a Pfleuger 5/6 wt. rod with a few flies. After finally getting the casting technique down and hooking up with a few fish, I decided I had to further my knowledge in the sport and read more about it. I purchased the Orvis book on fly fishing and started to watch Youtube videos about the sport. Soon thereafter, I bought a 5 wt White River Hobbs Creek rod and G. Loomis Venture 5 reel along with a fly box, some Rio line, a leader, some flies, and a chest pack. Next thing you know, I am (after spending more money) tying my own flies, have caught hundreds of fish, and have added two more outfits to my collection of over 10 fishing rods (which include fly, spinning, trolling, etc). Currently, I am taking on the beast of saltwater fly fishing. I'm slowly learning how much more amazing fly fishing is through realizing how diverse it is within itself as a subcategory of the overall sport of fishing. Being on the water is paradise to me and fly fishing has made it that much better. This is my blog of stories, knowledge, and the pursuit of adventures and memories to talk about until the day I die.

Tight Lines...Morgan

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