Friday, May 2, 2014

Conservation, the Chesapeake, and the Clean Water Act

Via Moldy Chum:

Last week we were horrified to learn that there are 21 Attorney Generals from states no where near the Chesapeake Bay filing suit to stop the EPA's clean up plan for the bay. 
In response several major cities and conservation groups are rallying to support the clean up effort.
Six major U.S. cities — New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco — filed an amicus brief this week in support of the EPA-led Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan, which imposes limits on the level of nutrients that can enter the bay each day. Four Florida conservation groups also submitted a brief in support of the cleanup plan, adding additional out-of-state support to a contest that for the past few months has been between the six Chesapeake Bay states and the 21 states, backed by major agriculture groups, that oppose the plan.
LINK (via:Think Progress)


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