Monday, December 9, 2013

3rd Annual CCA MD Tidal Pickerel Tournament

The 3rd Annual CCA MD Tidal Pickerel Tournament starts in 6 days. We will be participating for the 3rd year in a row and have the privilege of hosting the tournaments standings here on TLTFF under the 'CCA Chain Pickerel Tourney' tab above. Here's how it works...

- No Treble Hooks may be used.
- Hooks may be rolled over or snipped off allowing no more than 1 of the 3 hooks  to be exposed and in its original form.
- Fishing may take place in any tidal tributary of Chesapeake Bay
- No live or dead bait may be used.
- Catch Photo Release Championship governed by the honor system
- Photos may be taken against any standard ruler.   CCA sticker rulers available at Anglers.
- Photos must be sent in by midnight March 15th
- Panel of judges will determine actual length based on photograph
-tie breaker determined by time
- Prizes for :
- Largest fish per month( 12/15-1/14….1/15-2/14…..2/15-3/15)
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, largest fish per division overall ( all 3 months)
- Most inches overall prize
- All pickerel caught and released count towards total inches award
- All rules and regulations set forth by MD DNR apply

14” minimum for submission.

Photo Submission
-Photos must be taken against a standardized measuring device ( inches only)
- Measurements will be made to nearest 1/8”
- Panel of judges have final say in determination of fish length.
- Photos must be sent in an email to
            Must include participant name and date fish were caught, plus estimate of length.
A confirmation email will be your record of registration.


Best Practices for Careful Catch and Release

Tidal Pickerel are a special fish living on the edge of their range here in MD.   Salinity levels and water quality seem to control their population cycles.   It is important that while catching and releasing Pickerel fishermen use care, and adhere to some best practices.

Pickerel have the best chance of surviving when they are not handled extensively, or kept out of the water for an extended period of time.   Please use care when taking pictures and do your best to only keep the fish out of the water for a limited time.

Catch and release mortality can be high when fish are deep hooked.   Actively retrieving artificials, or artificials tipped with bait should limit the amount of deep hooking which occurs.

Pickerel are aggressive feeders and fighters and treble hooks can cause a great deal of damage if not modified.  Please roll 2 of the hooks inward, or clip off 2 of the hooks before using treble hooks for Pickerel, or any other fish you intend to release.

                                  Click here to sign up!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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