Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TFM 'YETI Coolers Tundra 35 Project'

Pretty rad...

Via TFM:

Recently I was contacted about reviewing a YETI Coolers Tundra 35.  This was good timing as I've been eying this size cooler for some time now since I figured it would be perfect to use in our kayaks, for other boat trips, and any time when the Roadie is just a bit to small.  Essentially I was looking for an excuse to get another YETI Cooler to have around and this worked out perfectly. 

Along with the Tundra 35, a package arrived from SmithFly with a Cooler Kilt and I also ordered a SeaDek top for the cooler as well.  I had plans to do three things with this cooler to properly outfit it.

1.  Flip latches around. 
2.  Install the SeaDek top.
3.  Install the SmithFly Cooler Kilt. 

Flipping the latches around on the Tundra 35 was easy.  Essentially all you need is a screwdriver to move the pin from the front side of the cooler lid, flip the latch, and then push the pin back into the cooler.  Do again to the other latch.   This YETI Coolers video was helpful walking me through this easy fix.

Installing the SeaDek was also quite easy and really is nothing more than applying a big sticker to your cooler top.  YETI Coolers also has a helpful video for this as well.

The Cooler Kilt is a soon to be released addition to the ever impressive offerings from SmithFly.  The Cooler Kilt will be available for 25 to 65 quart sized coolers and essentially creates a panel to then attach any of the pouches offered by SmithFly or other products that are MOLLE capable.

For the rest of the project, roll on over to The Fiberglass Manifesto and check out Cam's sick SmithFly YETI.


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