Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PTTS Now Going After Their On-Line Critics

Via Moldy Chum:

The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series lawyers are back in court trying to ferret out Florida Sportsman Forum members who were critical of their NASCAR inspired snagfest.
Ingman and his Silver King partners are directing their current legal salvo at Wick Enterprises Inc., a Stuart, Fla. company that publishes Florida Sportsman Magazine and operates a companion Florida Sportsman Forum. The Florida Sportsman Forum is a widely-read online message board that hosts a broad range of candid member discussions centering on local and statewide fish and game topics.
In a two-page notice filed with the court, Ingman’s company revealed its intent to go after Florida Sportsman’s business records in an attempt to ferret out the identities of forum members who have posted comments critical of the PTTS and its methods.
LINK (via: Save the Tarpon)


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