Wednesday, October 16, 2013

THREE DAYS LEFT - Kickstarter...Taylor Reels Array

Welcome Back!

Taylor Reels is back on kickstarter! Our first crowd funding event for the Taylor Reels ONE was a huge success and we are here to introduce a brand new reel, the Taylor Reels Array! With your help we plan on kickstarting this revolutionary new reel. 

The Array Fly Fishing Reel

Array (definition): an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing. Multiple uses, broad range, or wide spectrum.
When we started designing the Array we wanted to make a reel that could serve multiple functions. A reel that could be used to fish high mountain trout, or bonefish on the salt flats of the bahamas. With the Array fly fishing reel we have achieved that goal. The reel features a watertight sealed drag system and a hard anodized finish to protect against salt water, yet is light enough to perfectly balance out your three weight rod! Beauty, form, and function make the Array a one of a kind fly fishing reel!


- Watertight Sealed Drag System (sealing proven in a 30 hour submersion test) 
- Hard Anodized Exterior for Both Beauty and Protection
- Light Weight yet Strong. 5-6wt weighs 5.25oz
- Multiple Colors (Stealth Black, Slate Grey, and Matte Silver)
- Powerful Carbon Fiber Disk Drag System; Strong enough for large fish and subtle enough to protect the finest tippets. 
- Smooth Drag that Eliminates Start-Up Friction
- Large Arbor Design for Fast Retrieve
- Machined from aerospace 6061 T6 Bar Stock Aluminum 
- Two way pleasing clicker. Prevents over-spooling
- Large line capacity (3-4wt. 80 yards of backing, 5-6wt. 100 yards, 7-8wt. 125 yards)
- Salt-Water Safe and Perfect for Fresh and Warm Water
- Convertible for Left or Right Hand Retrieve

Why Choose Taylor Reels?

When purchasing a new piece of fly fishing equipment you want to be sure of a few things. Does the product preform flawlessly? Is the product quality made? Does the company have a good warranty? With Taylor Reels the answer to all those questions are yes! Our reels are made by some of the best manufacturers and machinists in the business today. Beyond just quality, we strive to have the best customer service around. We want to create lifetime customers that live with peace and satisfaction with every single purchase.

Special Requests

If you are interested in a reward that is not offered as a pledge feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

See more on this awesome campaign on the Kickstarter site and visit Taylor Reels on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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